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Belgium seems to have a lot to give visitors; if you're looking for a short vacation or a longer trip, Belgium is still a good choice.

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If you like cycling, athletics, and being outside, the Ardennes, Belgium’s stunning centre, is the place to visit. If you like the beach or walking, you won’t be able to miss our coastline.


Types of Places

Among the Council sites in Brussels’ capital city are the fourteenth guildhalls that ring the majestic Great Site to Victor Horta’s nineteenth decorative arts terraced towers.



Fishing is a common sport in Belgium. There are many rivers, streams, and lakes nearby, as well as excellent fishing from the Belgian eastern shore's coasts and boardwalks.


Sail Boats

Discovering the magnificent city of Ghent by boat sailing is a unique experience.

Grand Place, Brussels

The majestic guildhalls and other monuments that surround La Grand Place, or Se Grootste Superstore in Belgian, were built between the fourteenth and early seventeenth centuries. One side is occupied by an ornate mediaeval town hall in the Cathedral style.



This trip is important because it includes an excellent tour with a very experienced guide who drops in his study with some interesting gems, as well as the chance to see the city from a different angle!!!